The Home Building Process

For many people, building or remodeling a home can seem like a daunting task. “Where do we begin? How does it all come together? How do we know how much it will cost? How do we keep from going over budget? How available will our contractor be?” These are all good questions.

We like to put you at ease by addressing all of your questions upfront.


Our initial meeting is an interview process that goes both ways. It's a time for us to get to know each other and to see if we can all communicate easily. We will spend a lot of time listening to your ideas for the design of your home or building project. We'd like to discuss your budget, your timeline, and any other critical factors that will impact construction. We also like to discuss our quality of workmanship, availability to work on your project, and show you photos or give you tours of other homes we have built.

The best builder/homeowner relationships are built on communication, respect, and trust.


Phase 1: Deciding what to build

This is where you nail down the style of your home, how many rooms, their function, your budget, etc.

Phase 2: Rendered Floor plans

We provide you with rendered floor plans which show the layout of the rooms and foot traffic flow. Here we can also scale furniture which gives you an accurate perspective. Once these are approved we proceed to the next step.

Phase 3: Refining the Design

We prepare detailed drawings of the proposed design and create a list of specifications of the major materials, room finishes, exterior treatment, etc.

Phase 4: Preparation of Construction Documents

Once you have approved the design, final drawings and specifications are prepared which will be used to establish an accurate construction cost and to build your project. If you request changes during the construction of your home or project, we will stop to give you cost estimates and wait for your approval before proceeding. At all times you are in control of cost.

Phase 5: Entering into an agreement

The contract is drawn up, reviewed, and signed. The contract states the cost of the project with as much detail as possible. Realistic allowance figures are used in areas where final decisions have not yet been made.

Phase 6: Construction of your home or project

Once the contract is signed we take care of everything - from site layout and permitting to the last finishing touch. In addition, we work with a trusted experienced team of subcontractors, taking responsibility for their scheduling as well as the quality of their work. When our work is done, your project is complete down to the very last detail.


When we commit to your project we also commit to giving you our full attention during the process.

We are always available by phone – either office or cell phone – and also by email and texting. Our communication is a two way street. We will be in touch with you as often as your schedule permits to keep you updated of all activity on your project as it progresses.

When you are ready to build, it is our goal to change the experience that may feel overwhelming to one that is exciting and pleasurable.

–Bill and Cindy Schattner